Ive just opened up a brand new small business located in birmingham. I would like to do a bit of leaflet distribution in the region to advertise my business. Ive searched all over at the print outlets but most of them seem to be very costly or even can not carry out the appropriate sort of printing. I'm planning to get around 100000 full colour leaflets printed out for the 1st run. Might any one know any good sites to go to get this printed?

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FedEx Kinkos? Minuteman Press (might be local to me) ??

then what next start advertising your site using ppc and seo.

search in google,you got many then compare cost.

Advertise your website from SEO, PPC or SMO. You can even promote your products from Social Media platforms such as facebook, twitter and LinkeDIn etc.) and get enough targetted traffic to your website.

Printing leaflet might be costly for you.May i know your business zone and area.

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