Hi, im new to all these advertising things on the net.
My husband is going to have his own Pest Control business and by reading a few tips on this site, i gotta admit, theres a fewthings i dont understand.

Submit to social bookmarking sites
Exchange Links

Link to relevant sites / categories.
Link to sites with good PR value.
Link to sites with good (not Alexa based) traffic.

can anyone explain how to do the above?? Especially Exchnage Links: what is this exactly??

thanks heaps indeed, sorry for being a pain

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You should look at press release submissions and article marketing as well. Press releases are good for the short term and articles work well in the long run. If you write quality articles then your website will see the benefits for many years to come.

You should try press release. If your press release pick up by the media, it can boost your sales.

Exchanging links ....sharing traffic with similar content site ....eg you have a Pest Control site you should exchange links with similar content as your site,and your site will look good on Google and this is must important.Also you can try PPC advertising if you have budget ,or blogs commenting.

You need to focus on local marketing, forget about SEO for a moment (even thou it's needed). Go local.

Now a days Advertising in internet is a some what competitive one of the reasons are number of websites rushed in to same sector i have a website that gives information about discounts and offers suggest me the good website to give an ad .

I am working as SEO professional for many companies. I always intend to attract only relevant traffic and to retain it. Traffic to a site can be increased many times by short time practices, but client is concerned with the business. Every website needs different SEO tactics to increase the traffic. Meta tags, submission to directories, blog writing, do follow blog commenting and link exchange etc are some common practices. The content of the web pages also plays important role in SEO exercise.

It not as easy as you think. you need lot of struggle and practice to learn all these things.

I think the best thing is to focus on optimization and build your site ranking slowly. I once built links very fast on my blog but it was penalized by google.

Submit to social bookmarking sites - Delicious and other related sites (search and you'll find lots). Mostly good for viral marketing... not too good for local business
Exchange Links Find local and related business/websites that compliment eachother and can help eachother build traffic. For example pest business might want to change links with local landscaping companies, health authority, etc.

Link to relevant sites / categories. If you're only going after the local market then focus on getting links from relevant sites within your target market. You will not really benefit from getting links from websites in India because the traffic will do nothing to make you money
Link to sites with good PR value. PR = page rank and is a tool Google came out with to give an overall grade of the quality of the website.
Link to sites with good (not Alexa based) traffic. Alexa results are flawed but there is nothing wrong with linking to sites with high Alexa ranks (search). Actually it's good.

Mainly you want to get local business and people to find your website. How to do it? Advertise locally on local directories, newspapers, etc.

Getting ranked in the top 3 in search engines also helps but involves lots more work....

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