Okay, i know this is a super noob question but how do i exactly sell things online?

I've inquired a few knowledgable people on the subject and they just told me to make a form and just mail it personally - that is If the site would only push a few products a month.

but scaling up, is there a way to maybe use a third party product to make them do all the actuall postage? (ex: a tshirt website that you upload your design and the spit out the code for a iframe or some kidna widget that i could therefore promote)

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Head to something like Magento. You can setup your products on here and intergrate it with PayPal etc. so that you have your own eCommerce shop. You can customise it here.

As for a widget, you can design your own little image bannar or something, and just link it through to your site.

Hope this helps

This is a good question.

Having struggled with the best way/method to implement and online shopping cart I would recommend the following:

If you currently have a website (let's say plain html) that you don't want to update then Shopify is an option. I have used it and it works pretty well. I would call this the easiest option (for me Paypal works ok but by itself looks clunky). There are other "plug-and-play" options, just do a search.

If you are looking to upgrade your site (to make it responsive so it works on all devices; mobile, tablets, etc) and want more control (it resides on your hosted account) then I would recommend WordPress and WooCommerce.

There certainly are other options but I think Magento and other options such as Drupal + eCommerce applications are better for companies with dedicated development teams to work on said applications.

but as for sending the parcel. how would i go about actually doing the mailing of the object? is that all on me?

Basically, yes.

Am sure there are services you can use, for the right price. But that is probably better at a later stage.

Parcel services will pick your stuff up, you just need to make sure it is packaged correctly and ready to go.

thank you! what would a small biz use? canada post?

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