Hey guys

I'm new here - hello.

OK, so I run a site that's not been monetised yet and lately I've been getting a fair few enquiries from people who want to buy ad space - asking for my rate sheet (I don't have one!)

Two things then

  1. If selling ad space directly - what's a good way to actually work out what I should be charging?

  2. If going through a network - any recommendations on some good ones that have worked for you? Anything I should be looking out for?

Many thanks for your time and expertise :)

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Adwords is the easiest, fastest, safest, and in my opinion best route to go. The advantages is because Google is so great at tracking users the advertising will be more geared towards that individual's browsing habits thus increating the chance of ad conversions = more money for you.

I have tried a few different networks in the past but nothing that didn't make my websites look spammy. Which is why I don't deviate from Adwords anymore.

As for trying to figure out what you should be charging for ad space. That is a billion dollar question in itself. Without knowing your website, what you have to offer, the site's niche, the quality of your content, your site's metrics, the advertising space you have available, etc. it would be impossible to attach a dollar figure to it unless you give us more information. Have any of these potential advertisers given you any sort of indication of what they are willing to pay? Is it Pay per view (ie. pay per mills)? pay per click? Pay for performance? Site referals/affiliates?

PixelatedKarma, I think you mean AdSense. Yes, AdSense is great if you just want to slap some Javascript up on your site and earn whatever they want to give you. But, hey, something is better than nothing, and you have to put zero effort towards monetization yourself.

Also check out BuySellAds.com ... they let you sell direct at your own rates, handle all of the payment side of things, and take a 25% cut, and they use ad networks such as AdX and AdSense among others as backfill to fill 100% of your inventory. The only catch is they do great with tech / webmaster sites but they're weak in a lot of other niches. It really doesn't make a difference if you are able to get advertisers yourself and just need help with the transaction and delivery side of things.

As far as how much to charge ... it really depends on what your niche is capable of. Every niche is different. My rule of thumb is to put AdSense up on your site for awhile, and whatever the average effective CPM they give you is, sell directly at double that.

Haha whoops - thats what happens when I'm messing around in Adwords and my coffee hasn't kicked in. Yes Adsense was what I meant.

Anyways back to the topic; with BuySellAds.com isn't that a violation of Adsense's terms of service? I could be wrong but I thought I read somewhere in the Adsense stuff that if you use the program you aren't supposed to use other ad revenue programs?

No, that's not true at all. AdSense is very picky with their terms, but it's perfectly acceptable to use them along with other ad units as long as the other ad units don't attempt to mimic or be confused with the look of AdSense.

Hmmm I guess its time I go back and re-read the fine print haha. Thanks Dani

Ah, brillaint - many thanks guys - Dani that CPM formula is particularly helpful. I'm looking into BuySellAds now!

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