I have been submerging myself to different kind of money making on the website. At first, I was very confident that I could do it because I'm just staying at home. When I first joined affiliate marketing to different types of programs, I found myself kinda lost. I tried very hard to follow steps but since I am a beginner (and presently unemployed) I don't have enough money to use. There are a lot of different programs that are free to sign up, however, as I am following the steps... I'm losing again....I got a lot confused...thinking that if I am not able to complete these requirements...I would still fail..on the other hand its only free for a month or so...ending up in payment afterwards...Its not really a problem if I invest a little amount or not...what I'm worried about is if I can eally make it....

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Nothing is impossible.The first thing where you are lacking is confidence,second thing lack of information,no proper knowledge.so don't give up try and try until you get success.


The most important thing in any venture is to understand what you are doing. Do a bit of research using the internet or library. If you do not understand what you are doing you will be come discouraged and give up when you could make a success of it.

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