I had liver disease. I went through kemmo and radiation 5 months ago. It was awful. I lost all my hair. My hair was down to my waist. I had it in a pony tail and half of it came out in my hand. I was so sick. It was a terrible to go through. Everything is good now. treatment worked. My internet business suffered. My mind suffered. I made a lot of mistakes. I'm involved in internet marketing. I'm building my email list and learning how the best ways of doing just that. The happygeek put me on the right track. I'm grateful for the help. How can I advertise on the forum so I don't break the rules?

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Well, what you can do is take the help of the signature pannel provided by the forums. Most of the useful tips and tricks are already shared by our members. There are several other forums which allows putting link over the signature panel provided. So, I think that is the best option to work your way out with. Other than why don't you create a free blog over the bloggers and start writing something over there try to write over the internet marketing or something similar as this is going to help you in getting ranked over the SERPs and you can also use it to drag the traffic or also create a facebook fan page and similar activities over the social media network. All the very best wish you are speedy recovery ! :)

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I've always thought that the best way of looking at it is if, when you are writing a post, you would consider it spammy if you replaced your site/service/product with something else then don't post it.

As Dani says, you can get feedback about your website in the website reviews forum and you can shout about it to the world in the show off your projects one (as long as these are genuine posts and not just adverts in disguise of course.)

Make use of your signature file and link to your site from there, contribute to DaniWeb as best you can and others will be exposed to your signature and as your reputation grows so more people are likely to click on that link and see what it is you do.

Also, make use of your profile to the fullest extent so that if members click on your username they will see who you are what you do and where to find you.

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