Hello. I used a WordPress Woo Commerce theme, Organic, to set up a website for a client. I used a table rate shipping plugin and we set up shipping rates according to the total amount spent. For some reason this is not holding. Table rate shipping is selected as the shipping method and it is enabled. But when shoppers get ready to check out, either no shipping amount is applied to their purchase or they get a message saying that no shipping methods are available. Can anyone tell me why this is happening? Thanks.

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Gah, this question requires knowledge of WordPress Woo Commerce, which is pretty niche. Hopefully someone out there could help you ... good luck!! :)

maybe try to deactivate the woo theme and choose a default one like 2014 and see if it still has the same problem just a hunch I am no expert.

is the shipping rate pluging the one that you can purchase on code canyon for 21.00? or is it the official woocommerce plugin thats like 79.00? The reason i ask is because if you have the one from woocommerce's website and have a valid license you can get support on it. If you purchased from codecanyon you can also get support if you got that one.

I did buy a WooCommerce premium theme, but not the $79 plugin. However, I think the issue may be resolved. When I was setting up the site for my client, I tried a few plugins trying to decide on one to use. Some of the other plugins were still activated and once we deactivated those, the issue has not happened again. Thanks for your input. I am going to mark this one as solved.

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