I have a very well established small business with about 400 products. Unfortunately I have found myself in a bad situation with the company managing/hosting my site. The main issue being they are supposed to upgrade my shopping cart and have been unable to get the job done. This upgrade started in January so it's been going on a long time. I hate to have to switch again as this is the second company I've worked with, but pretty sure I'm losing sales because of features I don't currently have. My site is not mobile friendly which I think is a big hit. The upgrade was supposed to make it responsive. I also don't have marketing tools like abandoned cart. So unless this upgrade happens soon I need to figure out what to do moving forward.

So far my research has led me to a hosted option like 3D cart, Volusion, Shopify, or big commerce. I don't think I want to be running the site myself as I have very limited website knowledge. I used to run an html site with paypal buttons and that was easy enough, but I think website are getting too complicated? But I do want to hear everyones opinions as I hope someone has been in the same spot as me before. The hosted options would be a slam dunk as they seem to have all the features I want, but I have read a lot of bad reviews about them. I'm hoping they are a minority. I think I would save money per month with these options as my current hosting is not cheap.

Currently the site is using nopcommerce which if upgraded has all the features I want, but it seems hard to find people familiar with it for help. Posts on the forum don't always get answers. I do all the work in the admin area and if anything goes wrong the host fixes it. The previous small company I worked with had bad hosting and couldn't get the site working very well. So unless it is going to be much cheaper I'm not so interested in that route again. I'd rather be selling my products than having to go through this every couple years. Look forward to some suggestions of what I should do. Thank you.


If everyone in your company has limited knowledge when it comes to these sorts of things, I would recommend an outsourced solution such as Shopify. Especially if it seems you have bad luck picking a web dev company to manage your site for you.

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