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Mainly I search for relevant sites with good neighbourhood. Then make a logical backing using my sites Tag, Title, Keywords and Description. And for blog, forum and article I always build backlink within the anchor text that looks natural.


Since you're a blogger you should focus more on writing useful content so that people will link to your post. This is one way you can get backlinks.

Before writing post, do keywords research and try to add these keywords into your post, which will increase your chances to rank in Search engine.

Also you should comment on other blogs related to your niche.


first sirch site related to your title and then post link

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You said you are a blogger so you have a site in blogspot.com I guess? You know Google's product is always trusted and there is no penalty of getting junk links to authority sites like Blogspot. You can try to get thousands of automated backlinks to your site from automated software or service like <DELETED>. There will be no penalty!

I know I sound like black hat but we tested this with our blogsite! There is still no penalty.

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@PhilipsEl are you series about your reply? lol

Google Penalty for all the sites, there is no more exceptions on web2.0 or micro blogs.

if you have a great content then you will earn back links naturally. so try to post a Good Quality post at your blog.

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