I'm not sure if I'm posting in the correct forum or not, but I am looking for some tech or geeks to help me make the best of my forum. I would like to get some new members and also a moderator/admin as the staff I have at the moment are not really to up on computing. They are good as staff but i need someone with knowledge to join me. If you are interested then contact me via <snipped>

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Hello All!

Maybe I am speaking for myself only, My motivation using this forum is to get credit from others. I expect from the site, to make giving and quering credit easy.

My responses to the code snippets does not appear in my posting history. They don't appear in the code snippet history either. So my probability based prime testing is sunk. Activestate does a better job in that.

If there are more people like me, who come to help others and share thoughts and code for credit, than that is not good, I think.

The other problem is, that solving threads in the forum is not directly supported. Renaming the forum to solved.... is not a support.



What sort of help are you looking for exactly with your forum. PM me with details.

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