How I increase twitter followers?

Will you use any software for increasing twitter followers or do it manually? I mean to say by creating engaging post.

You need to tweet and update your twitter account daily. Also follow people and they'll automatically follow. Advertise your twitter account also in a bunch of social media websites like facebook,tumblr,pinteret,etc...
You also need to stay interesting, post interesting tweets and have a good profile image that will cause attention.

We can increase twitter followers by searching people of differnt professions and countries.We can tweet and send to all contacts of our all accounts.

Make following you interesting, fun or valuable.

It is easy to increase follower. You just search on youtube. you will find plenty of videos on that.

Hope you will find soon.

I won't recommend you to use any software to increase followers. The more interesting and useful content you share and engage , more followers you will have.

In simple word you can increase your follower by
Becoming Follow-Worthy
Increasing Your Visibility
Increasing Your Followers Strategically

Follow important people, tweet about meaningful things, retweet some great and popular tweets, use hashtags.

Doing ACtivity and using # hashtag for tweet help to reach your tweet to lots of persons. if your activity or post attract them then they will follow yourself.