Hi All,

Iam new to this forum,
I learnt the magento basics,i want to create a shopping cart website using magento for selling old product,
where and how to start like
1.how to integrate SEO
2.what payment methods should use and how to integrate them
3.what is SSL certificate,should i get that for website
4.Any important settings has to be done for security purposes.
5.what are the important settings should be done

please help me to start my online shopping cart

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You should read and learn a lot then. There are many tutorials on the web. Use google.


Magento is resource hog,
Solution for 1.
so it actually contains a lots of info about seo. you can easily optimize magento according to search engine.

solution for 3.
yep, you should buy ssl while hosting your domain on Hosting Provider. he will enable ssl and will charge $10 -$30/ year(depends according to service provider)

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