Hi, which is the best social network to get traffic to your blog ???

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5 posts and no replies. Felt sorry for you so thought I would at least say hello!

Perhaps the signature advertising a digital marketing and branding agency puts people off responding to very basic questions that you would think someone associated with an online marketing outfit whose clients include Ford and Phillips may be well aware of has something to do with it?


Consider the top Social Networking Site as of April 2015.

Here are the list:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Google Plus
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram

The ranking is in order, according to its rank.
It's better for you to create an account on those sites and include the link of your website/blog in all the social networking sites and make sure the consistency of your blog. People will get tired if you are not active.

Hope it helps!

traffic doesn't visit your blog because you advertize it, they visit your blog because they know/heard/found out that you wrote insightfull articles about either various topics, or are specialized in something they are interested in.

I think Google plus is the best for building traffic on your blog because it has communities which have large number of members!!

and you think Google (I 'll just assume you meant Google+ ) is the only platform which has "communities which have large number of members" ?
even then, promoting your site to a group of 10.000.0000.000 people who all ... really don't care, won't help you. it's more than just numbers.

Give people something to sink their teeth into when they visit you. Go out of your way to establish "word-of-mouth," in other words, give them something to share with their firends so that they too will visit your site!

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I would say Google+ and facebook simply because they attract the most poep, that you can easily interact with and have nice chats about you blog. Give me the Url and I will promote it for you!

In my experience, Twitter, Facebook, Google plus ans Stumbleupon is best. You get visitors from each social media sites if you have mplement proper marketing strategy.

I use Facebook to target my local Income Tax customers. I share low key funny images from my Facebook business page. Always keep in mind people are on social media to have fun. For me, people would not be interested in posts on Income Tax code changes.

Chris tax: "people are on social media to have fun" ... No, that's only for those who don't understand the purpose of 'social' media. It's not to have fun, it's to get/stay in contact with people who don't live around the block.

Usually people (even those who have a facebook account, the legend goes) do have somewhat of a "social life" offline where they have fun.

If you had a business in my neighborhood, and you kept posting "look how silly/funny this is ... " pics which landed on my wall, not only would I no longer take your business seriously, but you would be among the first to be removed/blocked from my account.

If you think this increases traffic to your page ....

I use Facebook for fun, and I have an offline social life. The two are not mutually inexclusive you know.

I don't use Facebook for business, at least not in the accecpted sense. However, I do have FB friends who are publishers and editors and PRs and I do post links to my work in my timeline and I do get work offers as a direct result.

My having fun, being social, being political etc etc etc does not impact upon them offering me work.

I'd rather not be FB friends with folk who have absolutely no sense of humour or who live and breathe for work alone. Nor do I want to do business, particularly, with such people. Usually they are more trouble than they are worth as clients.

Just my tuppence worth, and I do appreciate the nature of the forum we are discussing this in of course - but felt I just had to respond :)

HappyGeek: no doubt there is a grey zone there. but I meant, if I was following the page of a computer store, I would follow it to see when the latest hardware is available, not to get a daily dose of "look how mr. Snuggles the kitten tries to stay awake, but just can't ... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawdorable" :)


I am interested to your post that's why I decide to post my reply, I think the main thing that lead trffic visite your blog is the content & I repeat the comtent if you make a high quality content, be sure the traffic will be come and can be returned many times, that will authorize the google will rank you page to the top.

I have great traffic coming from Google+ and Facebook. But you need to have great content in order to get traffic, nevermind the social media network. Go step by step.

some one digging old dead thread

I think that it depends on your niche, some say that Instagram is great for business, for example, but it does not work for others. You should do a bit of test and trial or research, to find out what would work for you or your niche.

There are many social networking sites that will get a huge traffic to your site. Few well known social networking sites are:


and there are many other also. You can get more details about it while visiting NYC public relations firm.

Google Plus

Google Plus
All these sites will give a potential traffic to your blog. My point is don't just go with the one which is best use almost all to get your blog better.

Social media platforms are simply great for promoting your products or services. Try Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other such sites for this purpose. Keep on updating your social media pages and keep visitors informed about latest offers.

**facebook and twitter **are the best.

hope i helped

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