Hi Everyone! I have been analysing and watching my Twitter account (the actions and activities of my followers) and I have noticed a steady decline and a massive turning away from Twitter into Pinterest, Google Plus and Instagram. I still get acitivity and traffic from Twitter, but it is by no means the volume I used to get. Twitter used to be my main source of traffic, it is no longer. Has anybody noticed the same thing or is it something particular to my niche? Thank you!

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I haven't noticed what you have, goodtaste, but rumor has it that Google may buy Twitter. Perhaps all the traffic that ran to Google+ will run right back. LoL

For my MLM business I moved from Twitter to Instagram and G+. I still post to Twitter but I don't monitor it like I used to. There are probably many MLMers like me that have done the same. G+ is much better because there are groups and sub-groups, with no character restraints. IG has always been better than Twitter as far as user counts and it steadily increases too.

You guys are right, I believe that most people are migrating to Google+ and Instagram. I have noticed that a whole lot of my followers are active elsewhere but not on Twitter. Thank you for your replies, you have confirmed my gut feeling!

I've heard a rumor that Google might buy Twitter...is there any truth to that?

It's fake news dear. I never heard about it.

No, I haven't noticed that. But Twitter userbase are not increasing as compared to other social media sites.

In any case, it seems to me you should open Google+ and Instagram account. It can't hurt.

My plate is full to overflowing with Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. I have barely a presence on Twitter anymore, but I am considering Instagram, thou I don't know when I will be able to fit it in.

If you're on social media for the purposes of business, the best advice I've ever received is to go with one or two max and devote your time to less. For my business, I have been working Instagram mostly, with Facebook not far behind. I still post on G+, Twitter, Pintrest, and Tumblr, but my focus is Instagram and Facebook.

Twitter has never been a big traffic generator for me. Google+ even less so, however. I can't imagine that more traffic is coming from Google+??

G+ gets roughly 2 million posts per day, which is one of the lowest of all social media platforms. However, G+ is better than them all with regards to groups and communities. I will get likes on my posts weeks and even months after posting whereas IG, Twitter, and even FB are quick scrolling platforms so posts get lost and forgotten a lot easier.

You are right Stuggie, I wonder how Pinterest stacks up against the others. I know my stuff gets repinned and I am also getting traffic from there. I am in some G+ communities and try to participate in them.

Google+ might be young but with people like Guy Kawasaki promoting it, it's becoming rather popular these days...

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