After the recent alogrithm updates by google deciding to rank better mobile friendly websites, is there a need to change the content writing style? What the diffrence is expected in the likings and trends of mobile seachers and the PCor laptop searchers?

Content will always be the helps generate huge traffic on the website

Why? There is no need to change your content writing style. Content always matters. Do write quality and engaging content and you will be not affected from any Google Updates.

All Google updates are meant to enhance user experience so you should consider that in your mind.

Content was and will be the main tool of incerasing your SEO results. As for now it is difficult to imagine something differently. However, I expect some more strict laws on the issue as content writers are so wise and create so many illegal methods to increase their SEO results.

Write 1000 words articles (the assumption is that they go more in depth), focus on headlines, know what your target audience wants, get to the point quickly and efficiently, use clean colors, videos, infographics, create podcasts and consider secondary screens.

Content is always the King and it remains to be. Now you could add visual contents like videos, infographics in your blog content as this could bring in great amount of traffic.

After rolling out Google panda, its being compsulary to have good content on website that cater audience. Just changing content writing wont help either you have to focus on writing something awesome content that can grab by any one out there in the market.