I have had some success with both ends of the spectrum. Mostly onlinethese days. How about the rest of you. Please share which makes you more sales.

It's about your target audience. It depends on what people you are targeting. But for many cases I prefer online ads

Print adds suport your online marketing. Visualy appeared adds that frequenetly come across the eyes and mind help to strenthen you online brand value. An online buyer with visual adds impcat on mind takes less time to decide.

Yes I agreed with @bordogamesdev, as it all depend on what kind of your target audeince are? If your target audinces are youth than you might need to focus on online ads rather than print ads because maximum youth you can find over the internet. Even sometime we can combine print and online ad to get covered all audience Here can check how combinging online with print helps in comprehensive branding. https://www.thebusinessprinters.com/combining-online-print-comprehensive-branding/

Online Ads is the best I believe because there are more people using the internet than previus years

More and more people are working online, so I believe that those ads can reach the majority of people. Print ads, like print issues of magazines are slowly dying.

Online ads for use. But this might be because I'm running international business and it would be much more difficult to reach my target audience thorough print ads.