I am bilding a site that allow my users to accept payment for selling ad space. I want PayPal to be my payment getaway. Is this doable with PayPal?. I know IPN, but it doesn't work because I don't want to get payed, I want my user to get payed.
How is this possible?


well, just look at the Paypal website. according to them, it can be done, so who am I to disagree ?
Then again be advised, that not all companies want to be paid with Paypal.It's nice and all, but when you're hungry, you can 't just walk into a bakery saying you'll pay using paypal. so: unless your client uses paypal for payments themselves, I wouldn't recommend it.

The Paypal website itself tells you how to implement it if you really want, basically: all they need is the mail address linked to the paypal account, and you'll be good to go.

For anyone looking for the same answer, I have found an API from PayPal called Adaptive Payment that enables me to make my users send payments to other users on my site.

Check out this great tutorial for this API ...
Youtube tutorial

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