I have new travel website travii . Plz give me suggestion how to promote online reservation . Can anyone help me to know some technique on how to promote Online reservation system in google organic search result?

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Travii Optimizer

Try on getting backlinks from travel sites and optimize some effective keywords/ phrases focusing on your niche.

Almost impossible mission!

On the site there is many "big fishes" that overlayed the whole tourist business. You will need big investment in real marketing and direct talk to the owners of tourist business. Problem is that "small" business still work with paper and pen.

Social bookmarking site are the good source of promotion of particular page or services.

getting good traffic depends all upon SEO work and how well you do it and try to get traffic from travel related forums..

Online Reservations are the easiest way to do the reservation by complete details...... You can know every thing for which you going to do reservations................
You can promote online reservations systems by knowing about its details.For more details.........

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For your online reservation business, I strongly recommend you to do a strong online PR outreach to content sites that may do a write up on your site.