I am experimenting with viral marketing to see if there is a way to get people to spread the word about my site. Some ways to do this are word of mouth, viral videos, linkbait articles. Has anyone here had success with viral marketing of some sort?

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Nope, i haven't tried before. but meme for our profession may go viral, hope so.

I believe that any of business can be successful if you do them right. As for viral marketing I see a great potential to attract lots of visitors. However, we always follow a few rules on that - you need to think outside the box and I mean it, you will not succeed with something that other people have already done. Don't be afraid taking your products to extreme - viral marketing is about taking risks if you will be understood by your audience or not. Work a lot on the emotions you will create with yoru campaign - viral is about emotions, because no emotion means failing to get viral at all. Do not ever overdo your marketing - keep it simple so that your audience can easily understand your message, but at the same time do not forget to be catchy - engage them.

I agree with @Vincentas statement mostly except this part:

u will not succeed with something that other people have already done.

That's not quite true. Most of the people are doing same thing(s) day to day basis and they are succeeding somehow!

Word of mouth, viral videos, linkbait articles are excellent ways to go viral @Jordan_5. I would suggest you to go with these strategies.

you have to be careful always because each work can be virus. it is necessary not to climb simply in doubtful contracts

Dianne. What?

Jordan_5, any luck yet with your viral marketing strategy? Please update this thread... We're waiting to know the update from your end :)

I find valuable social media, sharing videos, articles and send them through emails. It's also important to put share buttons for as many social media networks as you can on your blog, bellow every post, and newsletters and e-books are a must.

Viral marketing wont work in this way as it require lots of dedication, efforts and not least but content investement. So we need to create an awesome, unique that can blow up over the internet and pick up by media channels.

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