We have recently seen many ads related to selling quality & targetted traffic to any website. They offer packages like 100,000 visits in approx 30$.

Has anyone tried any? Are they genuine? How is the traffic quality?

Well, @whlookup I would say there isn't any use of purchased traffic it's just useless I would say if you want to waste your $ better would be to use Google Adwords to drive traffice you could get some quality traffic out of it but heading over to other's is just a waste of time nothing else.

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We also did a research and found that its a waste of money to purchase traffic as everyone who have done it says that the quality of traffic is very low

I have not yet used. And my senior personnel too don't prefer to purchase traffic for website. They say, buying and sowing gives short term benefits. Organically creating traffic will last long so i also follow organic seo.

Anyone offering lots of traffic for a low amount of money is a waste of money. I know because I did it. Pay per click solo ads are working for me. You have to be careful about the vendor you use. Some of them fake themselves with phoney advertising, having a lot of people give false testimonials, saying they're great when they are not. You must research them.

Purchasing traffic for your website is totally waste of money and time you can hire a professional SEO expert instead of this.

I am going to try SEO expert too. I am always interested in new ways to get traffic to my website. Thank you!

Well @Linda you can try getting traffic from Social Media, forums,Q/A sites etc... other than search engines they do sometimes offers quality traffic.

Hi Kelly, Thank you for the comments on social media. I'm going to take your advise. This is an area I'm illerate in. I will research it and share with everyone what I learn. You have a terrific day!

No worries at all @Linda, just let us know when you need any kind of help ! We are here to help you out ! You to have a terrific day !

Thank you Kelly for your kindness and I will ask for help from the community. One problem I have is I don't even know how to do links. I have someone coming over this week to show me how to do this and I will share with you how it goes. He's been doing some work for me however he moves so quickly, I can't catch up to what he's doing. When he comes this time I'm going to slow him down so I can do the work on the links I need to do. I am so grateful to have each and everyone of you in my life!

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Seeing the reviews online, its more of negative than positive, Some say after buying traffic, they emmediately felt the traffic roll in but there are a lot more issues like account activation and more technical stuff. Most people and businesses are reviewing about the same issue, but talking about high targeted and high valuable traffic.

What I am looking for is high valuable traffic. The kind of traffic I build relationships on. I'd like to get to know my traffic and I want to trust my traffic. The only way I know how to do this is through my blog. I'm on a blog trip right now. I like getting comments and responding to those comments.

Just to weigh in quick, the only real paid traffic is through ppc campaigns. Other promises for x amount of traffic for y amount of money is a scam. There are several applications available through black hat websites which will spoof traffic to any site, the more sophisticated applications can even trick referral sites (ie Google) into believing that a keyword has triggered multiple visits to a website. If your goal is to make your stats look presentable for Adwords or other such programs then these programs could in theory help you if you didn't get caught, God help you if Google catches you though - welcome to SEO purgatory.

Other then that you need to realize that these services aren't offering real views from real people so if your website is focused on selling a product or service it absolutely will not help you.

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