I have only heard about mailchimp any other you will like to recommend?

a bolt cutter and a big bucket of superglue to cut off the spammer's computers from the internet and then glue the door to his room shut with him inside.

Aweber is really good so far. I recently switched my email marketing provider from Mailchimp over to Aweber.

I was with Aweber, but I have switched to MailChimp recently. MailChimp is better, in my opinion.

Anybody can explain for me more details about Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is a platfrom which can help you in your emeil marketing. It has an ability to automate your email delivery, A?B testing, E-commerse features like tracking online orders, setting up automated messages. Also it includes analytics for monitoring the sales, and segmantation of data..Also there we can send triggered emails based on signups, website views, JavaScript events, and more...I know it is used in many companies..

I use constantcontact (constantcontact.com) to send out a monthly newsletter, paid version.
It is double opt-in; subscribers sign up, are sent an email to confirm their subscription, and then are subscribed. That way, people can't just add a bunch of emails addresses to a database and then start sending out mass emails.

The other one that comes to mind quickly is IMN (imninc.com).

I came across several others a while ago, but they presently slip my mind. A search should turn up many,

We use constantcontact for our monthly email marketing services.

you can use zoho campaigns for email marketing. if someother is better than that recommend it