How to make a blog accept for Google Adsense within a month?

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It is very hard to do this. However, if you have some great content and amazing traffic, then AdSense will send you an invitation.

if you want to approve your adsense in within a month then you need to make proper blog with responsive support. then post 40+ unique artical after that make terms page, abous us page, contact page, and some necessary page then apply for adsense i will sure he accept your request.

Is it necessary for 2000+ words article in the 40 posts for getting Adsense approval?

I will go with seoaceindia. Started to make 40 unique posts. Update you soon about the adsense approval.

In my opinion, the advice I've heard so far is absurd. The only advice I'd give you is to never listen to someone who tells you to write a zillion articles and yet cannot even spell that word correctly, let alone the awful grammar.

I would think however that if you have a Google account and they've verified your banking information then you can monetize practically whatever you want.

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