if you want to promote your online business it is better if you try offline marketing such as advertising using postcards. You can send out postcards to your qualified prospects. You can print your website url on the postcards along with your captivating headline or message.

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Yeah, that is one way to promote offline about your online site. It is to whom you send it that is the most important factor to affect conversion.

They work if your list is captive, like they know who you are already, you'll get a much better response than you would with a blind mailing. Of course, your offer has to be unique, engaging, and professional.

with all my respect, but I disagree
of course, postcard marketing is still a way of advertising your website, but I do believe that Internet Marketing is away more effective than old-fashioned traditional methods. In my opinion, the core of marketing is "creativity", (i.e you have to be creative & innovative, in order to attract the eye of your target customers) ..

Ignoring offline marketing would be foolish. I'm not saying that it fits into every company's marketing strategy. But if you only market online, then your only customers will be the ones who happen to find you. For many industries it's better for YOU to select your potential customers. And direct mail can still be an effective way to do this.

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