Hii i think this is not old news for Everyone

Face book email is now active now u can send email thru facebook message box or via any email accounts to face book users vice versa face book users also send mails.

Now enjoy with face book mailing services ..

ur facebook email id look like


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dear sir thanks you very much for your information

Yes..This is very valuable update regarding facebook. Thanks for sharing with us.

but i did not get where to start it in facebook.

This is a very good news for me. Thanks for sharing it. This service play an important role to communicate with other and it also an easy method.

Great news thanks for the update. About time facebook start using email as well!

Thanks for this info! What I still don't understand is the option to mark " Also send as a text message", does anyone know how does it works?
By the way, do you think an email was necessary in a community network were you already had the message options? I heard that emails are going to disappear in an earlier future to improve the communication system.. It’s time to move forward, don’t you think?

This is really helpful especially when I'm at office wherein Facebook site is blocked. I can easily see and read updates through email.

Waw!! Its nice to here about Facebook Email services.Thanks for this information..

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