Hey Everyone,

I wanted to start a discussion in this group around website push notifications and what are the best use cases for this technology.

Disclosure: We've just launched a tool that lets websites send push notifications. It's very new and we wanted to take feedback from knowledgeable members of this group on what they think are the approriate cases in which a website push notifications should be preferred over email, or other channels of communication.

Some tidbits of information we've received from our customers so far: website push notifications are most useful to send information regarding time-bound discounts (such as offers which are expiring in a couple of hours or a couple of days). It is also very useful to send personalised updates and alerts (where the object of the communication is just to provide some important information and an email could be overkill).

I'm curious to know: what are your thoughts on website push notifications? How do you see them evolve and change the online space? And what situations and cases are most appropriate for using website push notifcations as compared to, say, emails or SMS or Facebook/Twitter messages.

Would love to get everyone's thoughts on this.

Anand Kansal

Hey guys, looking for some interesting responses to this.

Just in case you're wondering about website push notifications, it is a technology which enables a website to send a push notification. It works very similar to app-style push notifications, the difference being that 1)there is no need of an app download and 2)it works on all three major devices (desktop, mobile and tablet).

Ever since Chrome enabled push notifications for its desktop and mobile browser, they have become the new talking point in the online world. In fact, VentureBeat recently covered us, PushCrew in an article with some great comments on the power of web push notifications. Check it out here: http://venturebeat.com/2015/12/03/wingify-launches-pushcrew-now-anyone-can-send-push-notifications-to-any-website/