I blocked spam referral n social traffic sites but daily attack from different sites so give me solution for it whether blocking country traffic helps or not.

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My thought is nope. IP's can be spoofed, some may VPN to avoid GEOLOCKING so this is one of those arms races you may want to avoid.

As to the "attack" I can't see what the attack is but on some forums there's a spambot to clear off obvious spams. You may need a spambot in addition to what other measures you have taken.


From the admin section of google analytics you can use a filter to exclude certain types of traffic. I don't have it in front of me right now, but I believe you can exclude traffic from certain countries.

You can of course also use custom audience segments to filter only specific subsets of your traffic that you care about or want to be focused on.

I, too, am currently looking for an automated way of filtering not and referral spam from google analytics.


If you want to remove spam referral for a specific country, you go to create new "view" in admin column "View" section for view unadulterated traffic in Google analytics and add a name for it as you like to view. After you have your new view selected. You go to click on the new filter button and choose custom in filter types, and choose the name of the country which you want to remove traffic from that country. After end you select "Verify This Filter" button.


I would have thought someone running a compnay providing web design and web development, and who is a self-proclaimed 'SEO Expert' would be telling us this stuff and not the other way around. Unless that person, who has recieved multiple infractions for pasting copyright content as his own work and straightforward spamming, is only here to spam even more of course.


While doing seo or promote your business mention your country or state from where you want to increase traffic.

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