Hi Friends. This is my website digitalvaaradhi.com . From last 2 months i did both seo and smo. but my website position is not improved. why? Please anlayze my website and give the suggestions.

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What search terms are you targeting? If you're trying to compete on terms like 'web design' you've got long road ahead of you...
Having just checked your meta tags it appears you are. If you're trying for local business only you can add 'India' or your city after each term as that is what local customers will search for.
I ran an SEO tool against your site and you scored 61.
The main problems were uncompressed js and css and a large amount of uncompressed HTML, all adding to a slow load time - which affects how google views your site. It also got flagged for no social media activity.

You advertise in your signature


and ask this question, proving bullshi
the google algorithm is able to determine web services perfectly, that is what they do
that is what you pretend you do and fail at

a "web developer's" own site has to be perfect,
every one of your potential clients has access to SEO tools, the first thing any will do is examine what you produce, Your Initial Contact, Your Gold Standard, the best you can do:: Your home page
Google 'how do I tell if my web designer is any good'
When it fails, you fail

115 css files too many and dont validate
15 javascripts too many and dont validate
a mix of html5 xhtml html4 it won't validate
animations? its a business not a kindergarten

go away, learn something about that which you pretend to offer as a service, correct the errors, and things may improve

don't know who -1 ed hericles reply,
whoever did is a jackass,

Your web page web-development-services.html claims you already perform SEO and yet here you are begging for SEO 101 advice.

First of all check your Google webmaster tools and then qualiy post only blogs and see new rule of seo and try this.

Might be you need to check with your on-page features such as XML sitemaps, robots file etc.

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