Some of my connections on LinkedIn have been sending me requests to also connect with them on ReferHire and Dock (if you're on LinkedIn, you probably know what I am talking about.)

So far, I have resisted. My first impression is something like, "Great. More social media networks. Isn't there enough already!"

But I am wondering if any DaniWeb members have experience with either of these communities.
If so, what is your impression?

I have thoughts but first I read and have to write if that's true you and I should never go there. Spamming, harvesting your contacts? Bad company IMO. Also "Spam which breaches GDPR laws." means, well, they are probably old school spammers.

Dock? As in kicks it around. I see no reason to go there as well. I haven't researched this one much but it sounds like one of those blockchain ideas. And that's a problem. Such can make data "Hard To Kill."

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