Some of my connections on LinkedIn have been sending me requests to also connect with them on ReferHire and Dock (if you're on LinkedIn, you probably know what I am talking about.)

So far, I have resisted. My first impression is something like, "Great. More social media networks. Isn't there enough already!"

But I am wondering if any DaniWeb members have experience with either of these communities.
If so, what is your impression?

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I have thoughts but first I read https://www.trustpilot.com/review/referhire.com and have to write if that's true you and I should never go there. Spamming, harvesting your contacts? Bad company IMO. Also "Spam which breaches GDPR laws." means, well, they are probably old school spammers.

Dock? As in Dock.io? https://cryptorated.com/ico-reviews/dock-io/ kicks it around. I see no reason to go there as well. I haven't researched this one much but it sounds like one of those blockchain ideas. And that's a problem. Such can make data "Hard To Kill."

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