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Hello to you all guys,

There is a time to upgrade, and I believe that such moment has arrived to my company. To frame it properly: I went from running a small online shop just as a side hustle to working full-time on it, because it is my main income source now. I didn't have such a good job, so making the switch wasn't so hard, because I always wanted to gain full economic independence, and as it seems, I'm driving towards that!

Anyways, coming back to the main topic, I'm looking for a solid software solution that my Virtual Assistants can use to bring customer service support to my clients. I get requests from many different channels: live chat, email, Facebook and Twitter, and it is becoming a real mess to handle. I believe that I could save a lot of time with such software, and therefore, I'm willing to invest.

Now, I've not come here to expect you guys to solve my problems, because I've already been looking for a solution on my own. So far now, there is one that has caught my attention: Kayako. Because it seems to include the functions I'm looking for and I'm going to take their free trial to see how things go.

However, I'm also looking into Zendesk, because it also looks as another solid option. Anyways, I need your help guys to pick the right one. Feel free to comment on both options and also let me know what other options you suggest. Thanks a lot!

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