Hi friends !! Please describe Why Content Optimization is important in SEO Nowadays? and how to focus on Content optimization in SEO?

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Two words: it's not.

In fact, Google has made it very clear that over-optimization of content is a great way to get a manual penalty. That means don't keyword stuff, or do anything similar to keyword stuffing, creating spun content, or anything like that.

Focus on creating great content that is rich in information for your readers. Also, Google likes when all of the content about one particular topic is put into a single article instead of scattered across multiple articles. It helps that one page rank for people searching for information about that one particular topic, especially now that Google has incorporated their one-page-per-domain algorithm.

I agree with you in part. Interesting content and relevant material will be faster indexed by search engines, if you embed keywords in it. Do not forget about the internal linking site. In addition, you need to monitor other indicators of the site https://senlix.com/ page loading speed, server response time, site map, traffic sources, failure rates and so on.

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