I am new to internet marketing and would like to ask for advice. I came across the service https://www.articleforge.com/ and content-edge.net, which claim to be able to generate unique content in a minute. Have you encountered this? Is it wise to use them to create a PNB?

Don’t. Just don’t. Basically you’re talking about a whole bunch of things that Google is now easily able to detect and throw the book at you for.

Don’t use PBNs anymore. They haven’t worked since last year, supposedly. Have you had success with PBNs more recently than that? If so, let us know! I’d be very curious.

Secondly, Google is constantly getting better at being able to detect automated, spun content. Google Panda still exists.

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commented: I had no experience in creating networks. But I read that creating them is still real. Unfortunately, they do not disclose how they do it. I have litt +0

I tried the service and received not what was promised. As you said, Google did not find the text informative. Now I will be the service content-edge .They indicate that the texts are well indexed by him. If it is interesting, then I can share my impressions about him.

commented: Isn't this exactly the bad idea an expert warned you about? -3

I’m curious to hear if it will work out for you, although I know Google has recently really cracked down on all forms of UGC during this latest algo update this month. More focus on curated content and editorial, but it’s possible that you could get hit by Panda if you’re caught with spun content. Good luck!

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