Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions how to get included in Google News. We used to be for a very long time but not anymore :( I've been trying for months to get reincluded with no success.

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try making an article in wiki news that should work!

WikiNews, eh? ;)

i tried as well, eventhough i got 5/5 on editorial and managed to get into yahoo news, but not google news. looks like they are looking for high quality PR releases

They keep emailing me saying that we are GoogleNews-worthy, but there is some technical problem spidering DaniWeb. I'm not sure if that's just a cheap excuse or what.

I heard google gives highest priority on credibility of news source, site history, traffic etc, btw one of my friend suggested prweb can get in google news easily, however I am not sure about this.

I know this is an old thread but I wanted to comment on the last poster where he mentioned PRWeb. PRWeb will get the press release that you submit into Google News but not your whole site listed. Plus I believe it is 80 dollars a press release to have Google News and Yahoo News pick it up so it is not a very economically sound way of getting your articles in there imo.

Dani, did you ever get back in Google News?

Dani, did you ever get back in Google News?

We did - for two days. I've given up :)

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