hello evry 1
Myself Saurabh jain , final year engginering student , pursuing engg in Mechanical
I was having google adsense account , but it has been disabled , as they say it has been clicked multiple times....

though me dint clicked it , but some 1 .........
it has been a month to it
can any 1 suggest me the other prgram which ahs facilities like google adsense , which take keywords automatically

what can be best option ... please suggest me
actually my webiste has best powerpoint collecton and it ahs a forum too

waiting for ur reply
thanks in advance

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The same thing happened to me. I played with some others, such as ContextWeb and Clicksor. They didn't generate much revenue and were never really "context" appropriate. After much thinking, I've come to the conclusion that Google Adsense is ruining the web, and have decided not to run any "context" ads on my sites - only direct sponsors. I also refuse to ever click any Google ads on any site, ever.

is no good adsense provider ?? will google caputre the whole market in time to come.........

Hey adbirite is a really good substitute for adsense. Visit their site, they can explain their thing better than me.

I would definitely check out Yahoo! Publisher Network. Some people have even had better experiences with it than Google AdSense.

Isn't Yahoo's ad netwrok quite selective when it comes to publishers. You gotta have like 20 million or something page views per month. That's way beyond average websites' pageviews.

I'm not sure. I've seen some smaller sites that use YPN. DaniWeb was invited into YPN's beta program without even requesting an invitation, and we don't have 20 million pageviews a month (yet).

Yeah, Yahoo Publisher is still in Beta and I've talked to them on the phone numerous times trying to get in on the action.

They keep saying that there is no criteria...every few months they open the velvet rope and let a few thousand more participate....

I need this service too! Google boned me and turned me off AND WE WERE NOT DOING FRAUDULENT CLICKS. Hey, I'm still bitter for being turned off...I was making great money over there.


Just like google adsense, these are companies that pay you everytime someone clicks on their links/adds through your site

Check out Commission Junction for a nice listing of affiliate programs.

Sign up to Global Ad Space. They provide competitive CPM rates.

Uesd Rebrandable Traffic website

I can suggest you the Sitescout [dot] com site, Bidvertiser [dot] com, infolinks [dot] com and Clicksor [dot] com. All these sites are from different developers, so you can try to use th most appropriate for you.

When searching for alternatives to Google AdSense, consider platforms such as Media.net, which provides contextual ads similar to AdSense with a large pool of advertisers. Ezoic stands out with its AI-powered optimization features that could increase ad revenue. Publishers might want to explore AdThrive with its premium ad management services and high payouts; ultimately, the ideal replacement solution depends on your specific needs, traffic volume, and niche; testing various platforms may reveal which will best meet those criteria.

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