Google has updated their TOS yet again, and with this update, comes a few new goodies. For starters, there's a new AdSense format, a half-banner that's 234x60. There's also more channels allowed. Most importantly, however, they now allow you to place a google search box on your site. When people use the search and click on one of the ads on the search result pages, you earn money.

I'm sure this is Google's response to the failing attempt at integrating google keywords and search results in AdSense a few months back. For those of you who remember, it led to huge contraversy and many quit the program as a result of it. Google promised us that they would rework it and reintroduce something similar in the future. Which it seems they have!

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Interesting... now if I could just get a Gmail inviite already. All my friends are telling me how slick it is but I have yet to see it in person.

^ That was a little off topic :-P

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