Hi there.

I need 'ost to pst' conversion MAC software. Preferably online.

Can anyone advise me a good one?

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Work your way through this lot https://goo.gl/waZMXd before the spammers start arriving with suggestions.

By the way, asking that question, in that way, is typical of the conversion software bait and spam brigade. Care to expand upon what your actually problem is, in an attempt to prove to the community here you are not part of a spamming club such as that?

I would suggest this one https://www.osttopst.online/
You can also perform the conversion by exporting the contents of OST file to PST file.

And there we go, as predicted, a member (who joined DaniWeb just a few hours after the OP funnily enough) makes one post recommending a service. The the OP immediately marks the thread as solved. Now where have I seen this pattern before?

commented: My answer is "When we have a shill post a question." +12
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