It said 500.

Initially it was 500 when the limit was first imposed by Myspace. It seems Myspace is reducing the limit day by day. It is now somewhere between 300-400. There is no way to know the exact figure.

Ahh.. I see.

I wonder if Tom knew what he was getting himself into when he started Myspace.

I run a website for my father on traditional country music and have wanted to check out myspace several times but MAN they are a little to adult for my taste. Every time I go there the ads are just ... Not child friendly to say the least. I would feel rather uneasy about refering people to myspace site with the ads displayed for fear of what may pop up. This is just my personal opinion....

The best and cheapest ways for improving your site traffic according to me are:

1. Use personal contacts to spread word of mouth.
2. Use conventional methods of advertising
3. Use blogging to spread word about ur site
4. Submit to as many free directories as possible...
5. Use tools like Bookmark Submittor Pro to submit to multiple Social Bookmarking sites at once.

I hope you will find this information usefull.

good tips, I learnt alot.

so some of the best ways for promoting website are word of mouth, social bookmaring, forums etc

first off, you need to increase the amount of links going into your site. At this moment we are giving advice and we don't even know what your site URL is.
You could have gotten a few visitors here (not that I am telling you to spam, but giving us a link would have actually been beneficial to answering your question).

If I got a Adv in Myspace or Facebook I would not trust it!

I agree, MySpace does not provide quality traffic. Although I have a fabulous web site, the visitors did not stay long enough..

Myspace is a good site due to its ranking, but it's a good idea to also post your links in your bios when joining these accounts. That can add up as well.

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