I have been operating my site for 9 months and received about 30 unique visitors daily. The sales was slow and so far only have ~100 users.

I used Adword, Overture and subscribed to some search engines/directories. I also submit my site to googl, yahoo and many search engine regularly (about once a month). I not sure those pay-per-click works very well for me, and they are expensive due to the keywords used - ecommerce etc. Please anyone recommend how to win in ppc?

I'm not good in writing articles or press release so I don't publish much. But I like forum and therefore I'm here. Is there any other ways to promote my site more effectively, if I don'y write?

Have anyone use marketing firm to promote their site before? What is the budget and any recommendation?

Thanks for all the input. Cheers

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SEO seems a recommended route to go with it will insure you to get your site listed as close as possible to the top of the relevant search results.

If you want everyone to talk about your website, you have to create some sort of hype. By that I mean offer something to your visitors, and future customers. I mean offer anything. People love getting free stuff, it does not have to expensive. It can just be an E-Book that you can write yourself. Also there are thousands of different free E-Books out there just pick one. Than write press releases about what you are offering, submit articles and submit to web directories and watch visitors flock to your website. If you want an example of this, take a look at my website, you will see that there is a Daily Download Link, and almost everyday I update and input a new download link. This ensures me a high return rate of visitors. Not only that there is an Article page on the front page so that visitors can come back everyday and see what the latest article is about. One last thing before I turn this into an essay :P. Make sure whatever you are providing is relavant to your target market or whoever you think is going to be interested in your website. For example the article on my website is not about anything its about increasing traffic to websites, SEO etc because thats the kind of info my visitors and customers are looking for. Provide and you will receive.

Best Regards,

Thanks for both comments. As I mentioned above, I don't publish much as I am not a good writer. I do agree with Freddie that free stuffs are most attractive. I am therefore planning to offer free site counter/meter, google pagerank tool and form mail. Those are relevant to service my site provide. Are they OK? However, these stuffs are widely available online so I not sure these will make a good impact on marketing... Any other suggestions?.

Anyway I think my store2go site is reasonably optimised and currently has a google PR4. I try those link farm sites but most of the available links are online pharmacies, link directories or sex inductries. Any other better suggestion to have relevant link exchange to boost my PR?

Have anyone use marketing firm to boost their web site traffic before (I don't mean those seo or pay-per-click)? How is it?

There is no need to waste time resubmitting your site to the search engines. They find your site via other sites. Posting on forums with your site links in your signature is a great way to get site visitors, especially on forums related to your site - it is also a good way to get contacts in your industry and earn a positive reputation.

csgal is right no point is resubmitting to websites.

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