hey I just created my own podcast it is a little rough around the edges now but im working out the format for the episodes and getting a new mic. I was wondering where some good places would be to promote my podcast like any good sites that would feature new podcasts or anything. Also i listened to a podcast that tells you how to get to the top 10 of google and then they said they would tell how to get to the top10 of itunes but they ran out of time or something and never covered it. So if someone knows where to find this info that would be cool (please dont be an ass and tell me im a noob and i need to look it up on google)....THX

I don't know anything at all about podcasts but I'm getting interested. Since I don't have an iPod, I assume there is software I can use to listen to them. I have a mac with iTunes installed - does that help?

You can listen to podcasts several different ways. The easiest, and probably most common, way I have found to download and listen to podcasts is with iTunes. Audio podcasts are .mp3 files, so once you get them on your computer... you can treat it as any .mp3 file. I believe the video podcasts are .m4v.
I actually am planning on starting a video podcast. I have a website that has videos of track races. I have it set up, I just haven't had time to produce any podcasts.
As far as promoting it... I would say your website would be the best start. Of course, you may not have a website. If it pertains to a certain subject, maybe find a forum that the podcast would fit under and tell the members about it there.
Good luck. PM it to me when it gets up and running, I would love to hear it.

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