Hello creative am Don Williams here is the site <a href="https://blendng.com"> Home page </a> that am working with as developer of the site and SEO specialist . what is the best way to rank faster with the keywords chosen giving that the competition for this niche is so high.
Your contribution is highly needed .....Thanks
Don Codex

Frankly and I might upset some here, the days of MP3 sites looks to have passed. Fewer and fewer I know collect MP3s, organize them and load them into their players.

What I see is a lot of Spotify and similar app users. And thus my suggestion.

-> Consider apps for mobile use that let us pick a genre, artist or other filters then play that without tasking us to download, organize, make playlists, etc.

Without taking too close a look, are you using AMP? If not, as a publisher, you should be. Are you using Google Search Console? Do you track your Core Web Vitals score? I would start there. Let me know, and then I can help you dig deeper.

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Just send the site url to your local law enforcement agency. Right before they bust you for intellectual property theft they're going to generate a lot of traffic while cataloguing it all.

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Optimize your website for SEO.
Share your website on social media.
Include your website in the “about” section of all your online profiles.
Write a guest blog.
Use your email list.
Start a blog on your website.
Run Facebook ads.
Try Google AdWords.

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You'll need a solid internet connection, and while you can download songs for offline play, once you stop paying the monthly fee, access to all of it disappears.

Nice we are on this ...try to get some backlink links to boost our ranking ...

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