Just wanted to know more seo strategies to get traffic and backlinks for a website.Apart from social bookmarking, directory submission,changing meta title ,description and keywords.Any help would be appreciated.Thanks in Advance

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You'll likely need to develop some content. That'll require you write paragraphs, headings ... You'll likely want to throw in a couple of optimized images. What I mean by optimized is that they are logically named and make good use of the "alt" or "title" attribute to the image tag. Then you'll likely want to slap in some social media triggers so build yourself a neat fan page and spread the news. Then maybe you'll want to consider creating some more valuable, unique and obviously important content and do that for a while. In the process of crafting caliber pages I'd consider linking the stuff together internally using keyphrase rich textual anchor. Another thing you may want to consider would be to master the English language so that you naturally write well. That'll help things out a bit more. G'luck!

Social media approach
Social media is one of the effective marketing channel now a days, that you can share the content on social media to engage with your social audiance more personally. Focus on two or three social media platforms and be very active and effective, that will help you generate traffic and loayalty though your niche interest followers.

You could check your site load times since page load speed is also one factor that google used in their algorithm. The faster your site load the better because visitors don't like to hang in site that has slow page load. Remember, the longer the visitor stay in your site and click each page to your site; the better. For, it will give signal to search engine that your site has high quality content and relevant . However, your site should have high quality content that is written for people and not solely to search engine. Likewise, check your site structure i.e., if your site is navigable. Meaning your visitors are guided rightly in all information they want to know. Lastly, check if your site is interactive.

  1. Make and develop Facebook Page
  2. Do the same for Facebook Group
  3. Like fellas said, clean and rich content would immensely
  4. Social bookmarking is good too, don't just URL there, socialize and connect with people over there. Explore new ways of making backlinks.

Do not stop here, the key is consistency.. Goto Step-1 over and over again..

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Like building links in Web 2.0 and article repeatedly will serve as alternate and best way for link building.

Write blog posts daily, or as often as possible , on your site. For each blog, promote it using social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, and more). Keywords are very important for SEO nowadays so keep that going strong. Offer value from your site, and people will not only come to it but they'll come back to it.

I work at my marketing skills daily, I blog and promote and love doing it. I keep it in the back of my mind that there is no "speedy road to success". A successful site takes time, dedication, and willpower. If you want tips on how you can build and brand yourself successfully, click the link in my bio.

Content marketing is becoming one of the effective SEO strategies that have proved successful these days.

Search engine is best rule and Google fallow up.

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Content and unique onpage optimizations or high page ranks backlinks very important.

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You just do social media marketing if you getting bored with the SEO. Social media is a powerful startegy to get a huge traffic and good backlinks for your website or a blog. You can do blog commenting, guest posting and forum posting too in order to get traffic or backlinks.

Social media platforms, proper link building submissions should be done in good sites which includes forums, q&a's gives you good backlinks as well as article, local classifieds submissions with genuine content.

Here are some strategies for you:-

  • Make sure that your website is mobile friendly

  • Improve your Website's loading time

  • Make Social sharing easy

  • Build up your professional brand on Quora

  • Re-Marketing Setup

  • Follow Google algorithm updates

  • Perform On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO

  • Email Marketing

  • Target long-tail keywords

I hope by above information is helpful to you

Thank you

in ME the email markiting worst choise to get traffic

unique content brings more traffic to your site. create content and publish and promote your content in social media platforms. and try to get quality backlinks through guest posting.

Here are some SEO strategies that will help to increase website traffic.

  1. Use Evergreen Content
  2. Make Social Media accounts and run them
  3. Do high Quallity Guest Posting
  4. Invest on Paid Ads
  5. Press Releases
  6. Affiliate Programs

8 Expert Tips to Build a Winning SEO Strategy in 2021

  1. Write for humans first and search engines second.
  2. Use targeted keywords in all the right places.
  3. Focus on user experience (UX).
  4. Focus on building relevant links.
  5. Format content for Featured Snippets.
  6. Remove anything that slows down your site.
  7. Pay attention to Google algorithm updates.
  8. Improve existing content & add missing subtopics

Thank You
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27 strategies to get people to visit your website:

  1. The “Inverted” Guest Post
  2. Revise and Improve Old Blog Posts
  3. Make use of “Click to Tweet” hyperlinks.
  4. Use LSI Keywords to Improve Your Content
  5. Use "Content Transformation" to get more traffic from your blog posts.
  6. Listen to Podcasts
  7. Use Blogger Outreach to Promote Your Website
  8. The Content Relaunch Strategy.
  9. Create content that appeals to influencers.
  10. Share videos on LinkedIn
  11. Hold a contest for a prize.
  12. Include "Share Triggers" in your content
  13. Use Facebook Ads to retarget visitors.
  14. Lower the Bounce Rate
  15. Publish Long-Form Content
  16. Optimize for Google's Mobile-First Index
  17. Create an Active YouTube Channel
  18. Publish Viral Content
  19. Promote blog posts and videos.
  20. Use LinkedIn to republish old articles
  21. Create insanely useful content with a "question analyzer"
  22. Include enticing content in social media posts
  23. Improve your organic click-through rate by 23 percent.
  24. Increase the number of list posts published
  25. Steal the Traffic Sources of Your Competitors
  26. Use Forums to Drive Traffic To Your Website
  27. Use Medium to Syndicate Your Content

Hi there!
The best seo strategies still remains off-page seo and on-page seo.

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Steps to create an SEO strategy in 2022:
#1: Create a List of Keywords
#2: Analyze Google’s First Page
#3: Create Something Different or Better
#4: Add a Hook
#5: Optimize For On-Page SEO and Search Intent
#7: Focus on Content Design
#8: Build Links to Your Page
#9: Improve and Update Your Content

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There is no new strategies of SEO. keep doing work according to the guidelines of Google.

there are so many things you can do on seo. there are about countless. you can't do all, for sure, but you can choose the ones you need the most and get on with it. But one thing to keep at the back of your mind is that there's no amout of seo that would rip out benefits without quality content, products, or services.

First thing first, do a google search and find out from the top 10, if you think your content beats all of them in terms of intent, information usefulness, ease of access and have nice videos or pictures, then go for it.

A reputable site will have over hundreds of pages that fits into above. There is simply no short cut to content.

there are several SEO strategies to improve and build SEO-friendly websites that will rank on the search engines. Check out below simple ways to build a strong SEO strategy:

  • Enhance User Experience
  • Don't Forget Page Titles
  • most important is wright the best quality content
  • Use Keywords in Your Website Page URLs
  • hire experienced employees and experts
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