I read about a lot of people who ranked their site without building a single link. Does posting great content or building a great site can get you ranked higher? What if I'm in a competitive niche, do I need to build links? Or should I post my content to Social Media and wait for links to be built?

logan_paul commented: Yup its true you can rank your website just by writing unique article. Its all about user intent. If the intent is good he will read the content. +0
optimiserteam commented: yeah,it can be possible when your article's unique and done a best On page seo +0
coolgear commented: Website may rank in google but not for long run. For stability in Google one must create high authority backlinks. +0
jstech001 commented: yes it is possible but it takes alot of time +0

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Some time ago, Google has announced that you don't have to put links in order to rank your website higher.
Externals links are hyperlinks which takes user to some other linked page. But according to stats 99.2% website uses at least one External link for their website. So i Would suggest you to put atleast one hyperlink/External Link.
There is a difference between Correlation and Causation.

Happy to help...:)

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I don't prefer to wait... and be dependent only on social media. There are other legit (Spam free) ways to promote your great content. If your content is great then further promotion will be done automatically but atleast you should start first and spread it to some extent.

Social Media is great option but there are other option too. Spend some time on that resources too.

Link building still matters a lot. Infact Google never say Link building is not important - Google just say that linked building through spamming activities is now not important as there algrithm are enough smart to detect such spam now.

Content Management and its Promotion is equally important. "Content is King" but there are many article with great content with very less views just because of lack of proper promotion.

With these promotion your site view increases and google detect more visits on your site(Here less bounce rate and time spent on page matters) which ultimately results in high ranking for your article.

You can increase your ranking without bulding backlinks but then it will take long time and patience. Moreover if you are not building back links then your strategy of promotion must be good enough or in other words you must use other on page and off page activities.

No you can't rank your site on google without link building. because Link building is most importyant for ranked any site on Google.

Well, if you want to boost your website then only back link buildup is not only the best way to increase the website ranking or performance. Because back link just help to get the ranking the major factor is on-page SEO user friendly website. On-page seo and user friendly website is one of the main factor to increase website performance and ranking. So, If you think that you will get the website ranking on behalf of back linking then you are wrong. You have to do main focus on on-page seo and user friendly website. Thank-You

No its not possiblebecause without any link buiding you can't rank any site in google.So Link building is most effective for ranked site on Google.

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Link building is important without this you can not rank in any google site. And with the help of link building you can receive traffic from other websites and more visibility of your blog in search result

I think yes by creating great content.

Despite what Google might say publically, backlinks are the single largest ranking factor, at least for keywords that are even mildly competetive.

While you don't necessarily need to personally build links, you do need to have links to make your site rank. inks from social media sites are still links.

Without backlinks it will take time to rank in google but it is posible to when you have good content on your website.

It's going to be much longer and harder without backlinks. Yes, it's possible, but too tough. Why don't you want to build backlinks btw?

Simple answer: a big


You can't rank a website without backlink

I agree Google did not totally removed link building and spammy links is what google does not like

No,you cannot rank.Not at all, if you are not so popular.And if you are popular even then to maintain this position you need to continue this link building ,you can lower your speed in the latter case.Link building for google ranking cannot be ignored at all.Site optimization doesnot matters in this case beacause without inbound links it is never going to be found in the search engine results pages. Link building brings you massive link juice with massive fame.
I found a very interesting ,to the point quote today.It says:
Building Links is Like Shaving - If You Don't do it Every Day You Look Like a Bum

Building Links is Like Shaving - If You Don't do it Every Day You Look Like a Bum

I haven't shaved for years. I don't look like a bum. I look like a man with a beard. Just saying...

Link building is essential in building website reputation and ranking on Google. You can't set it aside as it really helps.

Its really a good question , you can definately rank your website on top without any backlinks too .
But that depands on competition , if in your industry the competition is very less then only with only a perfectly done on-page SEO also rank your website in top .

No, You cannot rank but place ad for sure with PPC adwords. This is ot that effective but quick for results and will give your website quick display on search engine.

No linking building is one of the most importnat part of seo which help you increase your rank

Well, it depends on how you define "build backlinks." If you define it as building great content people want to link to, then no. ... So yes, you can build a site, like this one, and rank just fine without asking or actively link building.

Google notes that:
"In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages."
But I think, it is possible. And Social media is where your website and its content gets known.
Use longtail keywords and earn some citations. Also customer reviews are one of the most powerful inbound sales tools

Well, it relies upon how you characterize "fabricate backlinks." If you characterize it as structure extraordinary substance individuals need to connection to, at that point no. ... So indeed, you can assemble a site, similar to this one, and rank fine and dandy without asking or effectively external link establishment.

Yes, if you have good content on your website or Keywords in your domain

Write Good Content On your Website
Promote your website on Social Media Platform

You can rank with excellent content, even if you don't actively build links. Ideally others will pick up your articles and help share, some will link from their own websites. Which is, again, link building. Ideally you should work on your onsite SEO and write superb content, while also looking for ways to get the links.

ya, you can rank your website without creating link building but it takes much time and effort. And your contectr should be attractive . You can use the topic cluster technique for ranking your website easily. Either you can go with the digital marketing experts agency -

If your site is very old and many backlinks also contained good authority value, then you no need to build backlinks. Becouse Homepage pass the value to your page, and genrate good page authority within few days and its rank on target keywords.

No, it will be little difficult to rank website without backlink. But, still you want to rank without backlink then you should make promotion of your website strong enough with high quality content.

It's conceivable to rank individual pages without connections

To place this in layman's terms, if many individuals connect to your site landing page, it's workable for different pages to rank too, yet it's far and away superior if those pages likewise have outside connections pointing at them.

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