Hi, I have a problem with my domain. Ok I have my original site (call it mainsite .co.uk) and a second site (call this secondsite .co.uk). All the files for second site are stored in a subdomain of the mainsite.

When people access the site using a straight forward domain (www.secondsite .co.uk) everything is fine, when they access a folder with a forwardslash on the end (www.secondsite .co.uk/folder/) everything is fine.

BUT when they access a folder without a forwardslash (www.secondsite .co.uk/folder) then they get redirected to the subdomain www.secondsites.mainsite .co.uk/folder/

This is the subfolder in which the site is stored....

Now is the problem because the domain is redirecting to a subdomain or something else?

Thanks in advance!!

Its probably something wrong with the 'htaccess.txt' or the 'httpd.conf'. Check the files out. If you don't have access to them or don't know what you doing, send an email to your host and they should solve it for you within the a couple of hours

When you buy your domain you have to get it pointed to your web space and it is usually pointed to a file called index.php or something similar in the root. I think you need to point your second domain to another index file in the folder for your second site which is also in the root of your web space where the first site is. You can usually do this yourself if you have a control panel to access your web space.