I plan to launch a directory of farmers in the UK, US, Canada and Australia.

Initially I thought it would be better to have them all in one directory farmer.com BUT then I was thinking that if I have farmer.co.uk, farmer.us, farmer.ca and farmer.com.au then each directory would do better as each could have local relevant content which would boost its ranking and would appeal more to users since only people in UK would want to search for UK farmers.

But then I was thinking that my generic global farming blog would be relevant to each site.

Thus would the optimum be to have SPECIFIC DIRECTORY/SPECIFIC CONTENT/SHARED BLOG on each site? If so how does the structure work - is there a way to publish the same blog on each site?

I am still puzzled by this so wanted to give a clearer explanation to see if anyone can help:

I am going to launch 4 static geo-specific directories on the specific topic “farmingadvisor” (US, UK, Canada, Australia). The directories will list experts that can advise on farming issues in each country.

It is important that each site has its own domain with a ccTLD because each may be sold separately, and because advisor is spelt differently in the UK and US.

To promote each of these directories I am going to have a blog on each site. Each of these 4 blogs will have identical posts for 75% of the content which will be general farming news, and country-specific farming posts for 25% of the content. Over time this split should evolve to 50:50.

I am trying to wrap my head around the best way to execute this, and perhaps my current parameters need changing.

- Will each blog’s promotional power be severely inhibited by the fact that 75% of its content is repeated on three other domains?
- Is there an easy way to upload the content to all of the blogs at the same time even though they are on different domains?
- If the blog had 100% the same information for each site would that be better, there could be “1. DIRECTORY 2. SHARED BLOG 3. COUNTRY SPECIFIC BLOG” or is that crazy to have two blogs on one domain?
- So maybe it could be One Blog with links to four directories and each directory has a NEWS page rather than a blog?

I am really puzzled by the technical issues, and how to make it work for SEO, and would welcome comments and insights of any nature. I am going to invest some cash into this so I don’t want to make fundamental structural errors.


You are really confusing me. Why don't you just simply iframe your blog into each site. Or...........maybe thats not what you are going for. Or you could, wait, yeah that,....no wait.......................................................Make it match each site and link to it from each site with reciprocal links back to each site respectively.........., Sorry I may just be dumb.

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