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Yes it is a flash website, however they've rather nicely made the content area where the body text lies seo friendly/readable by spiders.

To tell if flash is being used, right click and you'll see what version of Flash is running.


I'm sure there is similar open source software to Flash but it will probably not have near the capabilities. You could try to run Flash on Linux through WINE.


Is this flash (how do you tell?)

Is there any way to develop a flash site on linux? I've been unable to find anything about it! If not, is there any other way to make a page like this that can be done on linux?



Hi Dave,
Can't guess. Well, don't try to run Flash on linux. You can use photoshop and if I found any information regarding your question will reply you.



I'm a bit confused as to why all of the replies so far are about whether or not the site is a Flash site. The OP already stated that it is driven by Flash - he wants to know how to produce something similar on a Linux machine.

To that end, I can't say I have a lot of experience. And unfortunately I don't have my Linux machine for development stuff anymore, so I can't test anything out. But there certainly is some software available for handling Flash in a Linux environment.

For playing Flash movies (and presumably accessing Flash sites), you can use Gnash. It's not 100% functional, but if I recall it can play a lot of Flash stuff.

You can also get a Flash player plug-in for Firefox. Although it doesn't fit into the philosophy of open source software, sometimes you need a proprietary solution... =(

You may also want to watch the development of gameswf. It's an open source library for compiling .swf files, and presumably it could be useful for developing interactive flash sites. It's also the backbone for Gnash.

There's a long list at osflash.org of open source Flash-related software. The list includes 4 different Flash IDE alternatives.

I don't have any experience developing Flash products in Linux (or in Windows for that matter), but I'm pretty sure you can get it done in Linux. You just gotta dig a little deeper and experiment with what people are already developing.

Good luck,
- Walkere

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