Would it be too much to use multiple backgrounds for a website? My content will be structured the same but would like to switch up the mood a bit with each area of my site.

The screen size of the downloads are 1024 x 768 pixels (file size: 1106kbytes). I am sure using this large of a size background would be aggravating for users that have slower computers. Is there a specific size I should use? or any other way to lower the memory a bit? I have a bunch of backgrounds this size that I would like to use.

Also, How can I alter these images to fit my screen without tiling? The tiling really takes away from the site look.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,


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well!! use Frontpage 2003 for HTML web design.
u can place an image as table or cell background by clicking a table>table properties. where background located see use image as background. and do so.
Clear up ur mind about the Table or Cell pixel Rate with image pixel rate.
visit my website. its fully created with table. i used only three images as background.

off topic: i see nobody is helping out in this forum.!!!!

Take your sunglasses off to see further...


Thanks for the reply.

Not sure about the difference between: Table or Cell pixel Rate. Can you enlighten me? Also, the website posted seems to be a broken link. Not sure if you entered it wrong.


try to get more info


i think its kinda confusing when you have multiple backgrounds in your website... i guess one is enough

i would agree. you need to keep some sort of consistancy on your pages, and the easiest for that is the simple layout, like backgrounds and similar tables etc.

if you need to change a background, rather use slices of a specific image you created, that has perhaps, a gradient from white to black, where your white would be on top and fades to black, and have your background color set to #000000. your background image would obviuosly have to repeat y but if you put it in your body tag it should stay x without having to be completely black.

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