Not sure this is right forum but..

I have a domain name that I have purchased

However I want this domain name to go to a particular folder on webspace that I have associated with a different domain:

Is this possible, where would I need to configure for this to happen?

It is possible, check the FAQ of the host,
It depends on whether the host permits it,
more than is it possible,
there may be a fee (everything has a fee)
My host ( in .ca not .uk ) allows unlimited domain names in one host, as long as the filespace and transfer is not exceeded.

but u need give us more light to how this works

but u need give us more light to how this works

No, actually I don't

read the FAQ on the Host

Yea, no point in suggesting possible solutions, they are endless, and would be a waste of everyones time. Find out what your host allows, or at a minimum, some specifics on your setup.

Most hosts have a section where you can redirect a domain to somewhere else.

Otherwise look up your htaccess file and do a permanent 301 redirect