I have a client who just sent this email to me:

"The following error message is generated when I attempt to pull up the company website from the office. It would seem to me that the website is not advertising what type of content is inside it, and therefore the Hanscom firewall is blocking it!

That being said, please fix that so folks from Hanscom can access it…asap."

Air Force Materiel Command - Proxy Server Policy Denied
The website you have attempted to reach has been blocked by policy.
The content category reported: none
If the category listed was "Uncategorized - not looked up in the database" then a specific block has been placed upon the website.
For Troubleshooting Purposes:

To request the website be unblocked, please contact your Response Center.
This screen may be captured by pressing the ALT-PRINTSCREEN keys, and then pasting the information into a Word document.
If you have questions regarding this information, please contact your Customer Support Administrator (CSA).
SmartFilter version 4.1

Is this something that can be fixed with a meta tag or something? Does go daddy control this? or is it something within the air force's server?

That client has a web filtering device on his corporate network his company controls that