i am a newbie flash designer. a client has asked me to make modifications in a flash file used on his website. it is flash 8 actionscript. i am currently working on the same and would appreciate your help. the client has given me 'about.swf' file which i decompiled using sothink decompiler 4.5 build 90120 to '~about original.fla'. the xml folder resides in the same folder as ~about original.fla. it contains about_us.xml.you can download these files at http://rapidshare.com/files/251775121/online_questions.zip

the change the client wants is as follows - if you view 'about.swf' - when you click on 'key people', the details of 4 people are given - vivek lakhwara, arun goswami, haresh nayak and ss balaji. he wants 2 more peoples names and details to be added. this means adding 2 more names in the top menu (which displays the persons details on mouseover) which currently contains 4 names and on mouseover their picture and details should appear similar to existing 4 persons

i have given 'required changes.jpg' to further explain my query.

please tell me if i have explained my problem properly or further clarifications are needed.

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You need the souce file .fla to make any changes

Hey I recognise this,
You posted this a while ago. So the .fla you were using was decompiled from a .swf! No wonder there were so many badly named layers and objects in the library!

From what I can see, everything you need to do is inside the movieclip called "sprite 145".

Looking inside "sprite 145":
Layers 1, 5, 9 and 13 contain the movie clips with the details of the original 4 people. So adding two extra layers around here will be an idea (one for each additional person you want to add). in these layers you should add movie clips containing the personal details of the additional people and give them instance names of "five" and "six".

Layer 17 contains a movieclip which is an instance of sprite 135 with the instance name "ghum". This is a flashing effect to highlight the currently selected person. It looks like it slides and moves behind the selected persons name.

layer 19 contains the text for Vivek's name.
layer 24 contains the button and handler code for Viveks button
There are similar layers for the other people in the clip.

All you need to do to achieve your goal is to add a layer for the name-text, a layer for a button and a layer for the about clip (so three layers per extra person). You then need to copy the code from one of the other buttons and set the appropriate clips visible/invisible and set the end x and y coords for the "ghum" moviclip and that should be it!

There's also a layer which contains the separators between each of the names, this layer will also need to be updated to put separators between the existing names and the new ones!

Renaming all of the layers and symbols, although time-consuming would be highly recommended as it will make your job a lot easier if you ever have to revisit this project again to make any further changes. Don't worry about renaming instances. Rather, rename the actual symbol names in the library and the layers in the timelines!

These decompiled .fla's are always a mess, but if you have to use a decompiler, then you'll have to live with the idea of renaming layers and symbols if you hope to make any sense of what's going on in them! Otherwise try to insist that the original source .fla's are included where possible!

Attached is a copy of your .fla which I've edited a little and renamed NotTheOriginal.fla.

I've edited your actionscript on the buttons so the appropriate clip is shown when the onmouseover occurs. I've also included some comments.
It shouldn't take more than an hour or two for you to make the changes you require!

Anyway, I hope this has helped.
Cheers for now,

commented: thank you for great help +1

Here's another version of your file...This time I've added an extra person..Take a look inside "sprite 145" and take a look inside the library and you'll see what I've done to add the extra person!

I knocked this up while waiting for a build to finish at work, took about 10 minutes to do.

Please find "NotTheOriginal2.fla" in the attached .zip!

Cheers for now,

thank you very very much for your help. you are a blessing in disguise.

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Good Work! JASON

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