please I.T pipo pliz help i am asking for the code for developong action games in 3d, and also asking for anyone who knows how to creat cartoons animation lets talk.

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What would you like help in. Im not a master with flash but i have and do spend alot of time in it. I to would like to make a couple games. Its the whole reason i started making websites. So if you can post the quistions i will try to help you has best i can and if i cant atlest we have a start on what needs to happen.


Assuming you're using Flash (if not, you're in the wrong forum!):
If you're using Flash with AS2, you're probably gonna have to simulate 3D yourself, which could take a long while to explain the ins and outs of.

But if you're using Flash with AS3, then you can use one of several 3D libraries written in AS3 (like Sandy, Away or Papervision3D) and use the classes in the library to create virtually whatever you like! You can load meshes, textures, set up lighting, cameras, the whole deal!

Obviously you'd need to learn actionscript first (AS3 would be your best bet).
Once you've got the hang of creating flash apps with AS3, you can then move on to downloading and learning one of the many 3D AS3 libraries (papervision3D is my 3D library of choice). The websites for all of the 3D libraries have excellent tutorials and things to get you started.

Then once you're comfortable creating flash content with AS3 and Papervision3D (or Sandy, or Away, or whatever!), then you're ready to start planning your first 3D game.

When it comes to creating assets for your game, unless you're going to stick with using primitives (cubes, spheres, cones etc) you're going to need some kind of modelling software to create the objects in your game. So you'd need to get something like 3DS Max, Maya or Blender (being a cheap b'stard, I use Blender! :D ). Objects can then be exported as Collada files or perhaps .obj files or vrml (depending on the 3D library you're using and the 3D formats it supports for meshes/objects).

When creating 3D objects for your games, you need to ensure that the meshes themselves are low resolution (i.e. they have a relatively low polygon count). That way there isn't too much data for your final flash app to load. Fine details on your mesh can be faked in the bitmap textures used instead.

So there are some starting points for you. There are no real quick ways to get straight into programming games, especially in 3D. You'll need to put a fair amount of work in. Starting with the fundamentals of whatever language you're using and then work your way up. But AS3 is one of the most fun languages to mess about with. So take your time and enjoy!

Hope this is some help!
Cheers for now,

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