I had a client tell me that he could not print the images from my website. He said they come out as blank pages (no, his printer does have ink). On a set of floor plans, for example, he said that the walls and titles print but not the detail. When I either print the page or right-click a pop-up image and "print picture" I have no problems. A user to his site made him aware of this as the visitor too got blank pages. (Was wondering if there is some sort of security the architect put on?)

I have jpg and png and have now been trying different ways (image in pop-up, image on its own html page) and this guy is getting angry at having me test print. I finally inserted a link so they could print a pdf. What does everyone else do? The site is WaldHomes.com and it is the Villa Santosa plans at the bottom of the page. I originally had just the pop-ups. Thanks. JP

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Something is disabled in his browser.

There is a setting on some browsers to print just the text, to save paper.

Thank you for reading my post, Sensei. Do you suppose it is just coincidence that BOTH of them had the same settings on their browsers set that way? I don't know what browser the first guy was using but the 2nd one said he uses AOL and that he "prints things all the time". Do you have any other possible answers? It sounds like browser settings may not be the issue.

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